Decision support with the ability to see your future
Dynamic Reporting and Analytics from your rolling forecast

When your forecast is updated every day, your whole enterprise leverages and relies upon it

Saphran clients gain tremendous value from a variety of reporting solutions and support including:

IntelligenceBase Putting the power of Excel Pivot analysis on top of your daily-refreshed forecast database.
MSFT PowerBI…or your BI tools Leverage powerful business intelligence capabilities by connecting your BI tools to the IntelligenceBase datawarehouse, or leverage Saphran’s ready-to-go MSFT Power BI configuration for a fast and powerful start. Create and deploy the dashboards to enable critical decision support for the functions throughout your enterprise.
Native Report Writer The native report writer arms you with your choice of fields, filters and forecast outputs. Migrate your report results into Excel, or leave activatable report links for your colleagues to leverage. This tool is great for extracting flatter data reports in the formats that you desire.
Saphran Analytics University Saphran Analytics University strives to provide innovative and impactful forecast analysis for Saphran clients. Saphran and its user community regularly share best practice analytics they leverage to solve big enterprise challenges. Forums include user meetings, annual user seminars and pairing like, non-competitive clients one-on-one.

Dynamic Reporting and Analytics from your rolling forecast

When your forecast is updated every day, your whole enterprise leverages and relies upon your rolling forecast

  • FInance
  • Manufacturing/Operations
  • Growth/Strategy

Contingency Planning for Risk

  • Preparing contingency plans for operations and investment if the market shifts
  • Create alternative scenarios for market volumes, currency shifts and input costs to model the impact on your business

Variance to Plan

  • Knowing how close or far you are from the budget plan is critical to evaluating success and determining needed budget actions
  • Leverage archiving capabilities that enable you to analyze your current forecast to readily-available prior versions, including your budget plan

Capacity Utilization

  • Ensuring financial success means maximizing the use of your capacity, and not outlaying capital for new equipment before you need it
  • Be certain you can see how well your assets are utilized into the future. And know with each business opportunity evaluation what capacity will be available

Inventory Reduction

  • Consistently improving forecast accuracy at the finished goods level helps clients reduce inventory costs
  • In real time, connect the forecast with ERP to blend recent ship history, EDI customer releases and your near-term forecasts to determine optimal production plans

Growing with Market Growth

  • To ensure growth, suppliers in any OEM supply chain should know how OEM product trends effect them
  • Analyzing end OEM product segment growth trends and your sales in those segments is critical

Content Growth per Customer/Customer’s Products

  • Expanding the amount of product content you supply each customer is a viable sustainable growth strategy
  • Report your content growth across each customer and his/her end products