Dynamic Reporting and Analytics from your rolling forecast

When your forecast is updated every day, your whole enterprise leverages and relies upon your rolling forecast

  • FInance
  • Manufacturing/Operations
  • Growth/Strategy

Contingency Planning for Risk

  • Preparing contingency plans for operations and investment if the market shifts
  • Create alternative scenarios for market volumes, currency shifts and input costs to model the impact on your business

Variance to Plan

  • Knowing how close or far you are from the budget plan is critical to evaluating success and determining needed budget actions
  • Leverage archiving capabilities that enable you to analyze your current forecast to readily-available prior versions, including your budget plan

Capacity Utilization

  • Ensuring financial success means maximizing the use of your capacity, and not outlaying capital for new equipment before you need it
  • Be certain you can see how well your assets are utilized into the future. And know with each business opportunity evaluation what capacity will be available

Inventory Reduction

  • Consistently improving forecast accuracy at the finished goods level helps clients reduce inventory costs
  • In real time, connect the forecast with ERP to blend recent ship history, EDI customer releases and your near-term forecasts to determine optimal production plans

Growing with Market Growth

  • To ensure growth, suppliers in any OEM supply chain should know how OEM product trends effect them
  • Analyzing end OEM product segment growth trends and your sales in those segments is critical

Content Growth per Customer/Customer’s Products

  • Expanding the amount of product content you supply each customer is a viable sustainable growth strategy
  • Report your content growth across each customer and his/her end products

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